The ASFX Motto Breakdown

Do less. Do it better. Do it bigger. At ASFX this motto drives our trading and our mindset. Let’s look at the message behind each statement and how applying it to your own development can lead to stress-free trading and potentially increased profitability and consistency. Do Less. Doing less directly addresses the need to remain disciplined […]

4 Laws to Follow When Implementing New Habits

We’ve all heard the saying, “it takes 21 days to form a habit” but how? This blog is here to explain 4 laws to follow when implementing new habits. Rylee and Austin sit down to discuss the amazing book Atomic Habits by James Clear and the 4 laws he writes about. The essence of this book is […]

FTMO and Funding Talent Review by ASFX Coaches

Funded trader programs are the hot topic of 2020 Funded Trader Programs such as FTMO and Funding Talent are attractive for many reasons but can be a bit of an unknown, so we decided to review them. They can be a great solution for traders who are lacking capital but still want the opportunity to trade with large accounts and have […]

What Is Forex?

The Foreign Exchange Market, otherwise known as “FX” or “Forex” is the largest and most liquid global financial market. You may have participated in this market without even realizing it. When you travel to another country and exchange your money with the local currency, the exchange rate allows you to receive the equivalent value of […]

How to Deal with FOMO in Trading

When markets slow down and traders find fewer opportunities for high probability setups behind our system, most traders take unnecessary losses on trades that should have been avoided.   Austin and Rylee sit down to discuss how to handle slow markets best, how to tame the inner FOMO that we all feel during these periods, and what […]

Funded Trader Program FTMO

Funded trader programs such as FTMO, Funding Talent, Maverick, etc. are becoming more and more popular as newer traders are finding opportunities to trade with larger sized accounts, which they wouldn’t otherwise have. Wait, what? Ok, let me explain. These funded trader programs are a unique solution for traders who lack significant capital to trade […]

Funded Trader Program – Funding Talent

You may have noticed a theme in our latest blog posts about funded trader programs. This is because these are a very popular option for new and experienced traders. This blog is about the funded trader program – Funding Talent. What is Funding Talent? Funding Talent is a specific type of funding program for retail […]

4 Reasons Traders Lose Money

If you go into the trading business, which is a very tough business to be consistently profitable in, you should know why you are losing money as a trader by learning about the 4 reasons why traders lose. Before you jump into the day trading world, read this blog and watch the ASFX Youtube video here. […]

What is ASFX?

Have you been wondering, “What is ASFX?” The mission is very clear; We strive to create self-sufficient and consistently profitable day traders. Day trading, as a whole, is becoming more popular now than ever. If you look back 5-6 years ago, there was no one providing the type of education that is available now. When Austin started […]

Mastering Your Trader Mind & Tapping Into Your WHY

A special video covering questions people from Instagram wanted Austin and Rylee to answer. From inside their new Tesla, Rylee and Austin answer questions about trading, accepting the life you dreamed about, and controlling your emotions while trading. Q: Does Rylee Trade? Rylee: “No, I understand everything that goes on with trading, but we don’t find it necessary […]